Conflict Resolution

Negotiation & mediation as a give
& take process

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Conflict Resolution

Involves negotiation and mediation as a give and take process for win-win solutions in a dispute. It happens when there is a conflict of interest or a common concern between parties and they want an agreement that suites both. Resolving conflict becomes extremely difficult when the stakes and emotions are high. Typical barriers to overcome are deeply held beliefs, personality types and emotional state. Regarding divorce mediation, as from 9 March 2020, a new amendment to the High Court Rules (rule 41A) has made it mandatary for parties to consider mediation from the outset of litigation.

What Are The Benefits Of Conflict Negotiation & Mediation

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Commercial Mediation

Improved working relationships, employee cooperation, teamwork, and morale

Deeper understanding of business challenges for all levels

Leads to new insights to solve problems or challenges

Renewed commitment to company mission

Increased engagement and better dealing with customers

Divorce Mediation

Fostering closure for both parties

More child friendly process with an appropriate negotiated parent plan

Brings down emotional temperature for better decision making

Substantially cheaper than court litigation

Time saver, not lengthy court battles

Empowering for the couple, they have control over a joint decision

Customized solution, based on the party’s unique reality

Avoidance of future litigation because lesser resentment

A foundation for positive parenting

An agreed contract, not a forced one by the courts

Creates opportunity to change behavior

Helps parties to create appropriate personal barriers

Opportunity for conciliation

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